If you've ever been in Japan in the summer, than you know that despite its beauty, the country basically transforms into a muggy and humid swamp of oppressive heat. This means trying to keep yourself fresh is a bit of a priority, and while Japan has not completely embraced deodorant as a means of doing so, they make up for it with their quirky and fun technology--like this wearable clip-on cooler that blows air at your armpits.


Source: Thanko

You're probably concerned about being that guy who walks around everywhere with a clip-on fan, but as crazy as it sounds, it's a much better look than dude with swampy armpits on a crowded train. Just imagine all those people looking at you, clutching their clip-on fans to their chest like treasured pearls and judging you. The people at Thanko have provided you with an alternative to shouldering that burden with this 30 gram light-weight device that provides a constant stream of cool air. It's small enough that you could clip it on under both arms, if you really want to show off.


Source: Thanko

You could also opt the wear it on the back of your shirt, your front, or just strap it to your backpack to have it on hand. Thanko calls it the "wearable cooler", and designed it with the concept of a futuristic but simple way to stay cool in the summer heat.


Source: Thanko

When powered with two AAA batteries, the wearable cooler will give you five to nine hours of battery life, and can also be charged via USB cable.


Source: Thanko

Thanko has it available and priced at 1,980 yen ($19.61 USD), while a set of two will cost you 3,800 yen ($37.63 USD). Pump yourself up with a cool stream of air and keep those armpits dry!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.