Every artist has a way of bringing a spark to their work that animates what they have created, but now Japanese electrical equipment and infrastructural company Kandenko has put forth a pen that quite literally does that. Called the AgIC pen, this clever and charming tool uses a special ink that conducts electricity on top of paper.


Source: YouTube

This soothing promotional video shows off the capabilities of the AgIC pen as it glides over a pop-up book like city of circuitry. The storyboard is very satisfyingly brought to life by the silver nanoparticle ink inside the pen, and each smooth glide and stroke of the pen quickly transforms what was once flat into shining and three-dimensional city of light.

Here we can see the pen not just "draw" light, but actually animate.


Source: YouTube

Producers and camera men put in meticulous planning to put together a storyboard that features pop-up buildings and structures that Kandenko has actually had a hand in building.


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Resulting in satisfying transitions like these.


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And a brilliantly lit structure like this.


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Of course even with this cutting edge technology, not everyone has access to this production team and circuity. So here's a "simple" poster that the technology of the AgIC pen can make.

Perhaps the next step in challenging artists and innovative creators with endless possibilities, the AgIC pen can be ordered on Amazon for 1,296 yen ($12.86 USD).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

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