Japan has a frustratingly delicious history of putting out a variety of snacks that just seem too cute to eat. If you can overcome that moment of doubt, however, you'll often find some high quality pastries and sweets that will help wash down that feeling of regret that devouring that too-kawaii cake gave you. That trend is continuing in a surprising way with Patisserie Swallowtail, who is releasing a lineup of sweets in series that transform your favorite zoo and aquarium animals into delicious looking treats.

They are titled "Okashi na dobutsuen" (お菓子な動物園) and "Okashi na suizokan" (お菓子な水族館), these mean Sweets Zoo and Sweets Aquarium, but are also a word play for strange zoo and strange aquarium. And they are certainly that, as these series focus on animals not usually featured, like the Capybara, Alpaca, and Slow loris as cake designs.

Capybara (coffee mousse with bitter caramel sauce)


Source: Sweets Zoo

Slow Loris (orange and lemon mousse cake with apricot jelly)


Source: Sweets Zoo

Praire Dog (chocolate mousse with black currant jelly)


Source: Sweets Zoo

Elephant (white chocolate mousse with green apple sauce)


Source: Sweets Zoo

Lion (almond milk mousse with almond ganache


Source: Sweets Zoo

Giant Isopod (pistachio mousse with cherry compote)


Source: Sweets Zoo

Dolphin (mint mousse with chocolate and chocolate chips)


Source: Sweets Zoo

Otter (pie with orange and yogurt mousse)


Source: Sweets Zoo

Flying Squirrel (praline mousse with sweet and sour chocolate cookies)


Source: Sweets Zoo

And many more available to view at the official sites linked above. The Sweets Zoo will be located at the Odakyu Hyakka department store Shinjuku branch from 7/26-8/2, and the Sweets Aquarium will be located at the Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro branch from 7/16-8/23.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.