Japan’s amazing hospitality service never stops. The Suntory tea manufacture decided to serve cold refrigerated tea to passengers while taking a taxi. The little offer may seem small, but it serves perfectly well in Japan’s deadly hot humid weather. On the other hand, Suntory is serving their most noticeable high quality green tea “Iyemon cha” brand in 500ml.

Unfortunately not all taxis could act the same, otherwise it’s just too much of a dream come true. Out of 3,400 taxis, there is only 3 of that have the unique tea service. Even though the chances are slight, you must try to catch it..., if you ever see a taxi whose body is painted in an unusual all green color, and topped with a board sign written as ”Iyemon cha(伊右衛門),” it’s time for you to throw yourself in front of the car and make it stop in any possible way you can, so you can be that 1.13% of people who get the chance to experience the deep cultural hospitality.

For making that 1.13% chance miracally happen, Suntory generously made an app like Pokemon GO to catch them in near distance, and we kinda doubt this will be helpful.

To show the “ultimate” customer service, you will be also given a non-folding uchiwa paper fan, and a pair of slippers inside a drawstring bag. The taxi driver simply thought it through to not only preparing you a cool-down in the hub, but also outdoor and back home.

The Iyemon cha taxi ’s hub light is opening now and runs till the August 4th, serving in the 23 wards of central Tokyo plus the adjacent cities of Mitaka and Musashino. Catch them if you can!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.