There’s less than a month now until the opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics, and the excitement is just getting started! In celebration of the upcoming weeks of cheering on our favorite athletes, people are already warming up for this major international sports event in every way they can. Definitely not late to this game is Baskin Robbins Japan — with explosive new flavors bursting with color, the popular ice cream franchise is promising to have a lot in store for this special summer.

In celebration of the 2016 Summer Olympics to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Baskin Robbins Japan will be releasing three new flavors that are sure to keep their own sweet-toothed fans excited for Rio. The Brazil-inspired ice creams are — Trio de Janeiro Go! Go!, Wild Amazon, and Passion For Gold.

Trio de Janeiro Go! Go!


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Available from July 21st till the end of August is the bright and colorful Trio de Janeiro Go! Go! flavor. It’s made with green kiwi sherbet, yellow lemon sherbet, and blue soda sherbet, with five different colors of pop rocks inside for an extra surprise.

Wild Amazon


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Wild Amazon flavor was actually one of Baskin Robbin Japan’s “legendary” flavors that first made its appearance back in 2002. This glorious concoction is made up of green avocado coconut ice cream, orange Amazon fruit ice cream, and red and white ribbons of tropical fruits and rich coconut. It even contains caramelized cashew nuts for that much-appreciated crunch, and will be available from August 5th to the end of October.

Passion For Gold


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You can bring home the gold with the new Passion For Gold flavor, made of passion fruit ice cream, passion fruit ribbons, crunchy coconuts, and gold pineapple chunks. You’ll be able to get this one from August 1st until the end of September.

With summer finally here and the exhilarating 2016 Olympic games following closely behind, these new summer Olympic-inspired flavors are sure to get everyone pumped up for the big event!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.