Social media is proving to be an excellent platform for artists to get more exposure for their artwork, as well as for a wide audience to discover masterpieces they might otherwise not have had the pleasure to see. Reaping similar benefits through Twitter and Instagram is Japanese artist @kerokero_sakura, also known by the name Ouca.

A paper cutting artist who can create magic with just one knife, Ouca is also an extremely talented eraser stamp artist. Eraser stamps are quite common in Japan, and children are often seen carving words or little pictures into their own erasers to create original stamps. But despite their commonness in the pencil boxes of grade school children, they’re a legitimate form of art, and erasers made specifically for the creation of eraser stamps can be found being sold at stores.

It was when she happened to come across one of these erasers while out shopping that Ouca decided to give it a try herself. Predominantly using motifs of goldfish and flowers, she carves stamps you would never even guess were made from a simple block of eraser.

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Though beautiful as stamps, they’re also breathtaking as stand-alone pieces to place on your desk, or anywhere else you think could do with an elegant touch. Part of their beauty comes from the fact that Ouca fills the empty spaces of many of her stamps with even more intricate carvings, color, and resin.

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She has said that she plans to begin selling her stamps online starting July, so stay tuned to her Twitter and Instagram for further updates. But even if they were purchasable, we predict most people would probably have a hard time dipping them in ink and using them because of their breathtakingly detailed beauty.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.