You might think of Mickey Mouse as the ultimate emblem of joy and cheerfulness, one so filled with kindness and love for putting a smile on children's faces that he would be absolutely impervious to corruption. However, just like the Joker once said, "All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy." Well, it looks like Mickey's bad day has finally come, and he is bound to snap, as Japanese Twitter user and Tokyo Disney Resort fan @GENzabuRO_0525 has provided photo evidence of Goofy putting his dastardly paws on Minnie in a scandalous affair as Mickey can only look on in devastated horror.

After Goofy plants a heated kiss on Minnie (who doesn't seem to mind, by the way), Mickey Mouse lurks in the darkness with the priceless expression worn only by those who have had their still-beating heart ripped out of their chest and toyed with in front of them. The question is, without a heart, just what is this emotionless Mickey Mouse capable of? Will he sulk and write really bad poetry about how the love of his life kicked him to the curb for his best friend, or will he do something...more sinister? Something...Frolo.

The photos appear to come from one of Tokyo's Disney Resorts, which could either be Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo Disney Sea (this would be more shocking as Tokyo Disney Sea is thought of as a romantic getaway). Either way, one of Japan's happiest places on earth is about to get a lot less happy.


Source: @GENzabuRO_0525

P.S.: This won't really matter unless you check out Japanese Twitter a lot, but a lot of jerks are stealing @GENzabuRO_0525's Tweet and posting it as their own. Just letting you know where it originated!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.