Source: akindo-sushiro

Summer Time Cool Sweet! Edible Melon Soda

Of course, a sushi restaurant is not a sweet bakery, and it may sound weird to us if our after meal sushi is melon soda, but in japan, sushi has become a normal traditional meal for them, which they wouldn’t mind eating something oppositely different to once in a while.

Japanese famous sushi chain “Sushiro” is going to release a unique new dessert to their menu, the Edible Melon soda. Well, not just the liquid soda itself, you also get to eat the fruit melon that comes together as a whole. The middle layer is buried with plenty of chopped ice, and topped with other fruits and white whipped cream.

The limited Edible Melon Soda sells 980 yen from July 15th.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.