Most cat people will tell you that despite how much love they have for the good in kitties that others fail to see, that felines are totally major assholes. Its part of what makes them so charming, although this Japanese Twitter user and cat owner isn't finding much charming about having their home cooked dinner utterly dissed by a cat.

@ga_su_sorenara recently Tweeted out this video of their cat, who is apparently no fan of curry. The caption in Japanese reads, "My cat gave a cruel review to the curry I worked so hard to make." And that's a fairly accurate description, considering the cat tries to bury it like poop.

It's rather easy to say that it's because the curry looks like poop, and while that may be true, cats sometimes have a behavioral instinct to bury things that smell strongly--which of course curry definitely is. Unfortunately for @ga_su_sorenara, this cat isn't drawn to the smell of curry like us humans.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.