Pudding lovers will be excited to know that in addition to the standard, creamy custard pudding that’s popular in Japan, Osaka pudding shop Pudding Lab is now offering two very special kinds of pudding as part of a new campaign. While pudding is usually made of chicken eggs, Pudding Lab is giving customers the chance to satisfy their sweet tooth with delicious pudding made from the eggs of guinea fowls and ostriches!


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Since they’re quite rare in Japan, consuming ostrich and guinea fowl eggs will be an entirely new concept for most customers. But as a shop that specializes in making pudding with all different kinds of ingredients throughout the year, the Osaka pudding shop promises that their two new additions to be sweet, creamy, and so good you’ll be begging for more.

Guinea Fowl Egg Pudding

Guinea fowl is said to have been a favorite of Roman aristocrats, and is still commonly used in high-end French cuisine. They’re much more rare in Japan, and produce eggs that are smaller than chicken eggs, with a large yolk of a deep yellow color. Available in “firm” or “smooth.”


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Ostrich Egg Pudding

The world’s largest egg is said to have a very small yolk that is milky and sweet, but egg whites with a slightly gamey taste. The pudding professionals at Pudding Lab had no issue working with such an egg, though, and has prepared the pudding so as to eliminate the particular flavor and accentuate the creaminess of the yolk. Available in “firm” or “smooth.”


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If you’re worried you won’t like either of these new puddings, you can grab a jar of their orthodox custard pudding along with them. These are made of just milk, eggs, and sugar, because we all know that simple is best when it comes to creating the perfect pudding. Enjoy the sweetness and depth of flavor of Pudding Lab’s standard item!


Source: atpress

The campaign will end on July 31st, 2016, so if you want to try a different kind of dessert that you can still rely on to be delicious, Pudding Lab’s ostrich and guinea fowl egg pudding might be right up your alley.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.