Source: @raruhas

Ghibli’s Spirited Away Can Be A Real Thing

Ghibli’s 30 year anniversary just passed recently, but there still hasn’t been a real live action movie yet. Even though many real live action does not go well normally, like the movie Attack on Titan tragedy that happened last year, some Ghibli fans like @raruhas still cross their fingers and hope they could immerse themselves into the magical Ghibli world. And if they have to pick a place to slip in first, it has to be Spirited Away.

How can you not say this is isn't the famous "Aburaya" hot spring place from "Spirited Away."

Besides the poster, they got hired to work in Aburaya,

very hard...

The classic scene in real action as well!? This could be real!

Incredibly well-done implementing themselves in manga, with dialogue too!

The Cat Returns

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Castle In The Sky

Since Ghibli stories portray lives, animals and even war in such detailed realistic ways, the potential of turning them into a real live action movies isn’t impossible. Unlike Pokemon or Dragon Ball, which could be quite absurd to do so, Ghibli works can be closely attached to people’s lives, and many of the beautiful sceneries were inspired by real life environments. But even so, Ghibli's animated films themselves may be enough to bring us remarkable feels and childhood memories.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.