As eclectic and enchanting as personally traveling through Tokyo may be, it may in fact be one of the best cities to view through a time lapse. From the under-explored back-alleys that are bursting with the rich personality and atmosphere of postwar Japan, to famous sightseeing spots like the Meiji Shrine and Shibuya crossing, the city can be a little overwhelming for a first time traveler. Fortunately there are a variety of stunning Tokyo time lapses that are good enough to be considered virtual tours through this metropolitan jungle of traditional and futuristic, and now Anthony Lacaes can add his name to the list with this beautifully atmospheric Tokyo Time lapse.

Perhaps one of the points that separates this time lapse and hyper lapse from others is that while it passes through iconic areas like Shinjuku Station, Akihabara, Tokyo Tower, the frenzied Shibuya intersection, and Asakusa, it also is sure to give attention to Tokyo's more natural locations and surprisingly green scenery. It even starts by reminding you on a clear day just how well one can see Mt. Fuji from Tokyo.

Lacaes took over 5000 pictures in his July trip to Japan, and we appreciate his filming during an assortment of weather and time changes to wonderfully capture the many faces of Tokyo. Check out the whole video below.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.