If you ever come to Japan, the first thing you will need in order to survive is “Internet.” And without it, you’ll never be able to adapt to their high-tech living style. Although getting on board with internet may sound easy, it's not so easy for foreigners, due to the several laws that were previously broken by foreigners concerning the usage of the internet. On the other hand, the internet service in Japan is much more expensive, adding to the fact that the necessary written contract in Japan could make your buying process more of a hassle. And what probably kills you the most is not being able to play Pokemon GO! That's right! The viral catch’em all game app that originated from Japan but isn't yet available there is a serious bummer.

Fortunately, someone has been aware of this tragic situation, and is willing to lay out a hand to the Pokemon community. The phone rental service iSharing has planned to offer smartphone rental services exclusively for Pokemon GO players. With a cost of as little as 49 yen each a day, which throughout a month costs about 1,480 yen, you will be able to connect on a solid 3G service to help you link back into your Pokemon journey even during your trip in Japan.

Besides that, they also offer “free renew smartphone” service for when either the user's screen cracks, or when the phone incurs water damage. So you can head out without any worries to catch certain types of Pokemon in different environments.

Although Japan hasn’t yet officially announced Pokemon GO in its region, it’s coming soon. The first ever special Pokemon GO phone rental service starts now in Japan, which includes an iPhone5s with Pokemon GO app installed, and an extra 10000mAh battery charger. No shipping charges and middle transaction fees, just be aware of any rare Pokemons that may pop-up only in Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.