It’s only been two weeks since the first release of Pokémon GO, and it has already become a social phenomenon in the countries it has been launched in so far. Surprisingly, it is still yet to be released in Japan, but seeing the worldwide craze currently revolving around the game, the Japanese are preparing for its imminent launch in their own ways.

As you might expect in Japan, there have been more concerns regarding Pokémon GO as opposed to eager cries of excitement. People have argued about the potential dangers that can arise from playing the game, and many are worried that they’ll eventually have to deal with unwanted trespassers and players roaming about the streets and getting in the way of cars and other pedestrians. People are taking matters into their own hands, however, and are getting ready ahead of time for the anticipated chaos that could soon hit the country.

Japanese Twitter user @tutamatu was recently witness to this, as revealed in a notice brought home from school by @tutamatu’s younger brother:

My little brother got this at school.
It’s about Pokémon GO, lol.

Presumably passed out at an elementary school, the warning notice briefly describes Pokémon GO, the hype it has created overseas, and some of the issues that have occurred surrounding it. It then goes on to explain to parents of young children about how their little ones can play the game in a safe manner:

★ Don’t play in dangerous places, such as in the middle of the road and deserted areas.
★ Don’t play while walking.
★ Stay hydrated.
★ Don’t play in areas that will cause trouble for other people.

But it turns out that @tutamatu’s younger brother’s school wasn’t the only place that warned students and parents of the game, as other Japanese Twitter users expressed similar warnings made by schools of their own siblings and children.

The school told my kid to be careful of their surroundings when playing Pokémon GO, too.
Apparently the police told the school to warn the kids.

My kid was told at school, "If Pokémon GO is released today, everyone who decides to play it should be very careful."

These warnings, however, only shows that despite the slight criticism the game is already receiving in the country, it is expected to be similarly explosive in Japan. And while the exact release date hasn’t yet been announced, Pokémon fans in Japan are waiting in high anticipation for its ultimate release.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.