Do you know Inari sushi? It’s the only sushi that does not have fish or any other extra ingredients on it, similar to rice ball. Even it looks dull, the plain sushi relies on its tofu skin that has a slightly spongy texture, and is seasoned very sweet.

A Japanese guy @inunokaicyou posted a cute panda Inari sushi that was made by his wife. It was frigid inside the refrigerator while he was overtime working.

The cute rice panda was purposely made to celebrate their 17th year of wedding anniversary. And the lucky guy said he was really surprised.

Over 10,000 tweets had flooded to the Inari sushi thread, and the wife seemed shocked after knowing the outcome, and commented that “It’s not really a food masterpiece, I just stuck a couple seaweeds on it...”

By - grape Japan editorial staff.