Summer is the season to dress up in yukata (a kind of casual summer kimono) and go to some exciting summer festivals. It’s truly a special time of year, and people wait in high anticipation for the day they can finally break out their traditional summer attire to spend magical evenings eating street food, dancing, and watching fireworks.

But people don’t wear just any yukata — they do their best to find one with a charming pattern for their memorable night out.

To make sure this year’s festivals will be extra special for many girls out there, old kimono shop Chikusen is collaborating with the one and only Hello Kitty for an original line of Hello Kitty-themed yukata and accessories.


Source: Chikusen


Source: Chikusen

The Hello Kitty yukata line — from which items are quickly selling out — includes a number of summer kimonos, handbags, and pouches adorned with patterns of Hello Kitty and her iconic ribbon. As modern and pop as the adorable Sanrio character might make the prints seem, she’ll be blended in with elements of more traditional styles of yukata, and make you look extra cute in the crowd!


Source: Chikusen


Source: Chikusen

The entire collection of Hello Kitty yukatas and accessories can be found on Chikusen’s online store, in addition to all their other gorgeous items.

Now you can stand out from the rest and look absolutely adorable, with just a little help from Hello Kitty!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.