The first Pokemon game was released in 1996 for the Game Boy, a game device with old pixels quality like Pac-man, and an old-school sound bit. The Pokemon video game series like Pokemon Red, Green, Blue was a super huge hit back in the day, and left tons of childhood memories to the people who were in that generation.

Nintendo had a great success with their rebirth of the Pokemon game, Pokemon GO. An augmented reality game that can let you catch Pokemon anywhere you go. However, in the meantime, Nintendo want us to look back the first ever Pokemon game version that was created. And without it, there wouldn't even be Pokemon GO.

Nintendo worked on a line-up of Pokemon Emoji stickers for LINE with the original old pixels that appeared in the Game Boy old device. What’s more, if you press on the sticker, you can hear the different sound bits of the fight scene, riding bicycle, and the Pokemon recovery center.

Here is the Pokemon sticker link.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.