As the rest of the world has been enjoying catching them all, Japan has been playing catch up as the home country of Pikachu only just officially released Pokemon Go this morning. After much speculation and server issues, the global gaming phenomenon was finally released in Japan this morning, and it was only a few hours after that that the country experienced its first game-related incident.

The accident occurred late in the morning on July 22nd at Kinki University in Osaka. A student engrossed in playing Pokemon Go reportedly fell down a set of stairs. A head injury caused the student to lose a lot of blood, and so an ambulance was called.

"There was an accident involving someone playing Pokemon Go while walking at Kinki University. Ambulance transportation was necessary because of large blood loss."

"Somebody was so entranced with Pokemon Go they fell down the stairs and their head is covered in blood."

The release of the popular augmented reality game in Japan was preceded by official safety instructions and warnings issued by the government, as well as several schools sending out safety concerns, and an official statement from Nintendo and Niantic. While excitement for the game's delayed release in Japan has been unbridled, many have expressed concerns because of the country's existing problems with walking while using a smart phone, particularly on train platforms.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.