The release of Pokemon GO in Japan made people become way more outgoing than before. As anywhere you can find Pokemon, the most common area to catch’ em all is the park. The large free walking area have plenty of Pokestops to refill you Poke Balls, so you won’t easily run out.

However, there is one specific area in Japan that doesn’t require a long walk to the park to be able to catch Pokemon.

The thousand-year capital city, Kyoto, with thousands of classical Buddhist temples, a lot of traditional houses and Shinto shrines.

The Pokemon company from Nintendo, their headquarters is also located in Kyoto. The density of the Pokestops cover more than the area of Kyoto itself. There are even some Pokestops standing on top of a Pokestops.., which we can almost clearly announce this is the heaven land of Pokemon trainers, and gods must be very happy to see so many visitors everyday and every night.

In the meantime, in Hokkaido’s farm land.

The quick comparison tells you that the farm land only has green, but green and only green. The reality is cruel, being isolated from the Pokemon world can be very sad. As one tweet user commented this reality gap,

The life of farming is already tough, but even so in gaming...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.