If out of all the manga series out there Attack on Titan is your cup of tea, why not actually make a cup of refreshing iced tea with some Titan-shaped ice cubes?

Stomping and chomping their way into your glass cups are Attack on Titan ice cubes, molded into their grisly forms by silicon Attack on Titan ice trays. In contrast to their presence as man-eating giants terrorizing humanity, they’ll finally be the ones being devoured, and possibly being crushed between the teeth of particularly unforgiving AOT fans.


Source: Amazon


Source: Amazon

The AOT ice trays are available on Amazon from Morimoto Industry, and can be purchased for 15.93 USD. Each tray can make 4 ice cubes — one Titan, and three emblems. The molds can also be used to make AOT-themed chocolates and other desserts, so the more creative you get, the more chances you’ll have to defeat the Titans once and for all!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.