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Japanese Twitter Rumor: Pets Can See Pokemon!

Although Japan had to play catch up with other countries when it came to catching them all in Pokemon Go, the delayed release of the now global phenomenon augmented reality game only seems to have added to the hype in the country considered the birthplace of Pikachu. Parks and other public spaces in Japan are now flooded with people of all ages aiming to be Pokemon masters, and now a rumor has started circulating on the Japanese Twitterverse that pets can see Pokemon.

"Hey, I know there's no way, but, you guys can't see them, can you?"

Just days after the game's much anticipated release, players in Japan took to Twitter to post what they consider evidence of their cats, dogs, and even birds having an extra animal sense that lets detect the Pokemon they are hunting. This popular tweet by @masaiai6 seems to have encouraged others to capture their pets while capturing Pokemon. Here are a choice few!

What are YOU doing here?


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Trying to eat, dude.


Source: @kyoryu_kuramo

"While I try the cat is going to end up catching it."

"It looks like Momo can see the Pokemon too!"

"For some reason my dog runs from Pokemon."

"Go! Over there! Fight!"

"He can definitely see it, he's even aiming for it..."

"It seems that cats can see Pokemon."

"Matthew can see them!"

"It's like Ami can see Pokemon."

"Huh? You can see the Ekans?"

By - grape Japan editorial staff.