Most people in Japan love sushi, but it doesn’t mean they don’t prefer meat. In fact, one of the most common restaurants to go to enjoy talking and chilling with friends is doing Yakiniku, a Japanese style BBQ. You place your favorite kind of raw meat on top of a shared stove, then you wait till its ready and eat. The slow pace eating atmosphere gives you time to chat about anything, and often times come with a beer or other alcohol.

However, the Arai Yakiniku restaurant thinks the happy atmosphere is missing some "heat," therefore, they fire-up the stove.

As the result of course, a lot of smoke.

Customers aren’t worried about the tiny issue because they have science lab types of goggles to protect their vision, which allow them to clearly see the meat and keep on cooking. This is exactly what real meat lovers would do.

The store also has swimming goggles, just in case you think the lab goggle is too big. And to give more hospitality, they will take care your belongings with plastic bag tied up to prevent the smoke going into it. And in a similar fashion, they'll provide you a plastic hair cover if needed.

The store has a long history since 1952, the traditional way of eating in a smokey way still remains till now. If you would like to experience beef being well cooked but also perfectly smoked, the famous Arai Yakiniku resturant is located in Osaka.


5-17-28 Tsuruhashi Ikuno-ku Osaka Osaka

15:00~22:00 / Open on sundays

By - grape Japan editorial staff.