Rice paddies in Japan are annually transformed into canvases for massive works of art, and a visit to various cities will reveal original rice paddy masterpieces at every location. But of them all, Gyōda city in Saitama Prefecture boasts the largest, even receiving the title for “World’s largest rice field art” from the Guinness Book of World Records.

This year, Gyōda city will be commemorating the 30th anniversary of a Japanese video game with an equally prestigious certification. Another recipient of a Guinness World Record for “Longest Running JRPG Series,” Japanese RPG series Dragon Quest has become the most recent motif for the city’s 2016 artwork.


Source: YouTube


Source: YouTube

The Dragon Quest rice paddy art takes visitors back to when it all started for the game, with an illustration from the very first game of the franchise. It also features Slime, the mascot of Dragon Quest and one of its iconic monsters.

The yellow and orange rice plants add dramatic intensity to the work, and the details make it almost unbelievable that it was created at such an immense scale.


Source: YouTube


Source: YouTube

While the impact of this artwork can only be fully experienced by seeing it in real life, Gyōda city has also released a drone video for people who won’t be able to.

But if you do happen to visit the area this year, make sure you go see this epic collaboration between Dragon Quest and the largest artistic rice paddy in the world.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.