Just because dogs love taking walks, doesn't mean they'll willingly hike three kilometers with you just to see a waterfall.

Japanese Twitter user @JURAnoACCOUNT found that out the hard way, during a hike to Minoh Falls in Osaka Prefecture. The trail extends through Minoh Park from the local train station to the 33-meter-tall waterfall, and is a popular spot for those living near the city.

But it wasn't quite so popular with @JURAnoACCOUNT's canine pal. It's likely that the dog wasn't even aware they were heading to the falls, and we all know that treading towards an unknown goal isn't easy.

In any case, the dog decided that they had done enough walking, and gave up on the hike. But since @JURAnoACCOUNT was much less eager to give up, she decided to give her exhausted dog a piggyback ride.

It's safe to say that it was a good move, considering how satisfied her dog looks at this special treatment. We hope they made it to the falls as planned, and that both dog and human got a well deserved break at their destination.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.