The previous Snorlax huge hug pillow was a dream come true for Pokemon fans. It’s nearly as big as human and extremely fluffy. Now, another super big size Pokemon is coming to our Pokemon collection, which is the legendary Pokemon Ditto!

Ditto may not look like a well-shaped Pokemon, it is because this little guy can transform into any kind of Pokemon. And its killer ability is it can use the same ability of the Pokemon it transformed into. Sounds like hell! But that’s why it’s classified as one of the strongest Pokemon, even though its face looks kinda clueless...

The Ditto hug pillow is sized 43 x 65 x 65 cm and weighs 3750g.

To match the wobbly character itself, it uses extremely thin cotton material and is 13 times thinner than actual normal pillows. As a result, the pillow is super extendable like bubble gum.

The limited elastic Ditto hug pillow is only available for online order right here. It costs 13,000 yen (122 USD), and will be delivered in end of August.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.