Finally, the Godzilla Resurgence movie was released last week. The box office ticket sales wave is strong, and a lot of positive feedback came from the viewers. However, people are wondering one thing, did Godzilla just got bigger?

In fact, it is a yes, however, it’s more sort of a progression evolution as like us humans.

Here is a history table of Godzilla stamping around the cities from the beginning of 1954.

The data simply shows each times passes, Godzilla himself also grows a bit taller.

And now in 2016, he is at 118.5m height, about 70 times larger than us.

When Godzilla first came out, he was only 50m, a half size version of himself today. Not sure what made him so boosted like today, but he sure is still chaotically strong against humans tech-weapon.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.