Here is @_Yukkeee_ who uses Twitter’s blocks of view pictures as a story divider to showcase his creativity. He chose Psyduck, the most clueless Pokemon, and made a small parody scene from the first movie of Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

“Not Slytherin.”

“Not Slytherin.”


After Psyduck's inner voice was being translated, more people have hopped-in to help out the Psyduck to translate his "???(no-clue)" expression....

“I can’t get a girlfriend.”

“Medical students are popular with girls?”

“I passed the medical exam!”

“And of course I’m not popular.”

“I want to spend money on gashapon.”

“But I’m really short on cash this month.”

“Wait, I’m doing it!”

“Why did I do it?!?”

“The shampoo...”

“...isn’t lathering up.”

“Ah, it was conditioner.”

“I shouldn’t eat anything.”

“I really shouldn’t eat anything.”


“I’ll just start the diet from tomorrow!”

By - grape Japan editorial staff.