We all know that Shiba Inu (and the underappreciated Akita) have a natural ability to make just about anything cute, but they also have a documented history of adorable getting into predicaments with holes in walls. But what can top a cute dog popping out of a wall? The answer, of course, is the delightful sight of three dogs peeking out through a line of holes in a wall.


Source: @Vocal_YURI

Japanese Twitter user and singer songwriter @Vocal_YURI got one hell of a cute surprise during her walk, as she was greeted by three dogs (they appear to be Shiba Inu, but Akita isn't out of the question) eager to see the outside world peeking through holes in a wall. Given what the sign on the wall says, it's apparently that these dogs have a habit of sticking their heads through the holes.

The sign reads: "It will upset our stomachs, so please don't give us food.


Source: @Vocal_YURI

Imagine going for a stroll and seeing this!


Source: @Vocal_YURI

By - grape Japan editorial staff.