Technology has been tremendously growing fast these couple years. To keep up with the fast-pace environment, clothes and bags also need a necessary upgrade.

The Packable Parka is a hoodie that has a laptop storage space. It is convenient to drag it out with a zipper on the side, and other sorts of stationery can firmly be placed them inside as well.

With the Packable Parka, there is no need for a silly carrier laptop bag. And what’s more, the evolutionary cloth can be folded into a bag, easy on the go! Similar to a camping bag.

The super-tech cloth can also be folded to your convenience to hold pens, folders, and other non-laptop items. If you are interested in checking in on the crowdfunding process or other uses, you can find the Packable Park here, where it comes in 3 sizes(X, M, L).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.