Cats are carefree creatures, and as much as we want them to love us, it seems like they always have the upper hand when it comes to playing and cuddling. We hang out with them on their terms, and when they don’t feel like it, us lowly human beings just have to sit and wait.

But what if we could somehow attract our beloved felines with something as simple as hand lotion? If our hands are soft and smell of everything a cat loves, surely they would want to stay and cuddle.

This was probably the logic that went behind MEOMEO Hand Cream, a new kind of hand lotion created specially for cat lovers. Containing extracts of silver vine, lemongrass, and other various herbs, it promises to be a cream that will make your hands smooth, and the cats around you happy.


Source: atpress

The extracts in the hand cream are from plants that cats love, so don't be surprised if they all start surrounding and rubbing against you. Silver vine, also know as cat powder, is a nontoxic plant that elicits a similar response from cats as catnip. Cats are also known to love lemongrass, so one whiff of the MEOMEO Hand Cream might send your kitties to an intense euphoric state.

These herbs aren't just great for cats, either — they have wonderful skincare benefits to us humans. Silver vine extract helps to make our skin smooth and moisturized, and even has anti-aging effects. The extra addition of other herbs and lemongrass will also help to calm our nerves, giving us the chance to relax side-by-side with our cats.


Source: atpress

The MEOMEO Hand Cream is currently on sale for 800 yen (7.90 USD) at variety stores and cosmetic stores throughout Japan. We can’t promise it’ll bring all the neighborhood kitties to your yard, but it’s definitely worth a try. And if all fails, at least you’ll have a pair of super soft hands.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.