If you peruse a Japanese bookstore, you'll be sure to find guide books that demonstrate the range of techniques involved in various Japanese arts--tea ceremony, judo, kendo, and many more. However, bookstores don't have everything, and for the more niche arts and hobbies, we must turn to the more eccentric corners of the Japanese internet. It is here that we can find a very handy website called: The Way to Poop: 48 Techniques. The website teaches you a multitude of positions and maneuvers to use when on the toilet, and comes complete with a chart of illustrations to demonstrate the art of defecation.

The website gradually adds different techniques and poses--most of which are delightfully absurd ways to handle your business in the bathroom. At the time of writing, 24 different techniques have been recorded.

From left to right: Standing In Reverse, Four Points of Support, Tao Pai Pai (Dragon Ball), Deep Forward Bow, Sanchin (a karate kata), and Pole Dance.


Source: Unko 48

From left to right: DQN (Japanese net slang for idiot or delinquent), Sitting to The Side, Letter Y, Inner Thighs (Pigeon Toed), Standing Up, and The Stomachache.


Source: Unko 48

From left to right: Meditation, Sitting in P.E. Class, Missionary, Letter V, Seat Hugger, and Air Chair.


Source: Unko 48

From left to right: Cross legged, Ina Bauer (figure skater), Seiza (traditional Japanese sitting pose), The Thinker, Open Pose, and Tokoroten (a Japanese jelly food that when served, pours out like the position listed).


Source: Unko 48

Be sure to check in at The Way to Poop: 48 Techniques website for updates on the half-way completed dumping technique guide. While you wait for more updates, try practicing the first 24 until you get them down to perfection--and don't make a mess!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.