Eraser stamps have become a popular form of art for both professional and amateur Japanese artists alike, in part because of the easy accessibility of the tools (a knife and an eraser), but more so for the unbelievably detailed masterpieces that are produced despite it. @nabe_kco is one such artist that has become captivated by the art of eraser carving, and has recently completed one of her most superb works yet.

A long-time Disney fan, the amateur artist began creating eraser stamps as a hobby in her spare time, and has since made stamps mainly of her favorite Disney characters. But her newest masterpiece contains her deep love for the happiest place on earth — Disneyland. Using a large, 20cm x 25cm slab of eraser, she succeeded in carving out an incredibly detailed map of the entire Tokyo Disneyland park.


Source: @nabe_kco

To @nabe_kco, Tokyo Disneyland is a place of countless, priceless memories, but a park that will soon make a drastic change with new added areas, and the inevitable removal of some of the older areas. As a way to preserve the park she loves so much, she decided to work on the Tokyo Disneyland stamp to remember all her special memories there.

The stamp took about a month to complete, but the final product makes us wonder how it only took the artist one month to finish.

With so much love and joy packed inside this stamped version of the Tokyo Disneyland map, we’re surprised the park hasn’t already made it their new map!

Visit @nabe_kco’s Twitter to see more of her Disney-themed eraser stamps.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.