Can’t wake up in the morning? Well, don’t worry, Japan created a knife alarm could grab you out of sleep immediately!

The knife alarm from JIKKALARM may look awkward behind the bed. However, it contains a cultural meaning that Japanese people associate with waking up in the morning. As you might knew, Japanese moms are super moms, they wake up before the birds wake up, and start some light cooking even though it looks sophisticated for us. The familiar knife chopping sound on the cooking board, plus a great smell of Miso soup, which is a staple side food in the morning.

Indeed, the buzzard chopping sound could easily wake people up, but the main point is to prevent people from getting overly homesick. With the chopping sound attached in the morning, the first thing your brain recognizes is your lovely mom’s breakfast.

No more homesick, and no more being late. The creative knife alarm was showcased in recent Tokyo Big Sight event, and we look forward to it going on sale someday.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.