Theese marine life animal shaped bread has been spreading around the internet with its superbly cute look.

Japanese Giant Salamander [Limited]

The Kyoto Aquarium wasn’t aware about the absurd outcome. Their main focus was to let people learn about and interact with water resources and aquatic life, but it somehow turned out to become a famous bakery shop.

Left Column: Japanese Giant Salamander, Spotted Seal, Turtle (Melon Bread), Dolphin (Chocolate), Jellyfish

Right Column: Dolphin (Raspberry), Turtle (Matcha Biscuit), Ocellaris Clownfish, Turtle (Cocoa), Crab

The Kyoto Aquarium covers a big category of Aquatic life, the ones listed in the bread menu are certainly there. An adult ticket costs 2,050 yen, while student and child tickets are under 1,550 yen. While your focus may be just the bread itself, don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful sea animals.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.