Pokemon Go's release in Japan came painfully late for the country that can claim itself as the birthplace of Pikachu, but its quickly caught up to fellow players around the globe in terms of putting a bit more pep in their step and searching out Pokemon in unusual places. Unfortunately, walking around with a very concentrated look on your face as you constantly preposition your phone, possibly in front of people, can lead to some comical misunderstandings--or even worse. This could be particularly troublesome on a Japanese train where accusations of perving will be readily (and rightfully) believed. So whether you are looking to prevent such a mishap or just want to add a new look to your cosplay collection, here's just the fashion lineup for you: sporty Pokemon Go trainer costumes.

Although a bit gaudy and instantly recognizable to anyone with even the most elementary knowledge of the game, the Pokemon Go trainer outfits actually are practical in design enough to double as casual sports wear, perfect for a light jog while you race out to catch some of your favorite Pokemon. Japanese cosplay goods retailer Cosprecious has now released trainer outfits modeled after Pokemon trainers in the popular augmented reality game that while staying faithful to the game, translate to outdoor sportswear as well--provided you don't mind wearing your love of Pokemon on your sleeve.

The male trainer get-up features red, black, and white color scheme with a visor that'll help your smartphone screen battle the sun, as well as make you look like the best Pokemon Trainer on the golf course.

The women's version features a white, pink, black, and yellow color scheme with a baseball cap, which has a blank space we recommend using to draw a Pokeball or the logo of Team Mystic, Valor, or Instinct.

Both sets are available via Amazon at a price of 17,200 yen ($167.84 USD). The men's trainer version is available here, while the women's version is available here. Loads of related goods are available at the bottom as well.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.