When the niche but hospitable services of hosts, hostesses, and maids don't scratch the particular itch you have for quirky company, Japan has you covered with Macho 29 (the 29 is a play on "muscle" or "meat" in Japanese). This self called "muscle performance group" promotes fitness and bodybuilding discipline through a variety of entertaining projects, some of which include a yakiniku restaurant where they grill meat for you, and even handing out protein-packed Valentines chocolate---all while shirtless and performing muscle related "hospitality" at your command. Now the group themselves have become a product, allowing you to call them for delivery and rent them out to wow you with their muscular performance art.


Source: YouTube

Their services are entirely based upon their rippling muscles. Using their biceps they crush beer cans and squeeze fresh juice for you. They'll gladly split your chopsticks with their pecs. If you want a more hands-on approach, they let you pin stickers on their body and will happily carry you around like a princess, and even offer you a pony-back ride while they get in a set of push-ups. The idea of the new service, which runs from September 17-19th in Japan, is to offer their muscular entertainment services to liven up any house parties, club events, and public gatherings you may be planning that need a little extra bro-power. They'll even hand out fliers and tissues for your company if you ask them to.


Source: YouTube

Despite how this fits in with some of the more zanier alleyways of Japanese subcultures, Macho 29 actually a pretty serious message in all of their projects. While entertaining people and letting ladies oogle their slick and beefy bodies, they are always very adamant about promoting a healthy and clean lifestyle, and put a strong emphasis on the importance of protein in your daily diet.


Source: Macho 29

You'll need to be in Japan for the length of their promotion, and also likely want some Japanese ability to request their services. Detailed requests for their muscular services can be submitted to macho@hi-japan.jp, and will then be processed and if your event plan is deemed lucky and appropriate, the beefy team of hunks will happily go to wherever you are in Japan as the hottest delivery item in town. The great part? Because it counts as promotion for them, they're offering their services for free!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.