More and more athletes have been bringing home the gold during this year’s 2016 Rio Olympics, but the animal kingdom isn’t about to stand by without their share of excitement this summer. Going head-to-head in an exciting watermelon eating race on August 13th are 4 hungry capybaras, the adorable hot spring-loving rodents.

The Capybara Olympics, or the “Capylympics,” will be bringing in participants from various parts of Japan: Izu Shaboten Park, Nagasaki Bio Park, Saitama Children’s Zoo, and Nasu Animal Kingdom. The 4 selected capybaras will be given a 5oo-gram watermelon at their respective homes, and the fastest one to finish the entire watermelon will be crowned champion.


Source: atpress

This year’s “athletes” are:

Kevin, 3 years old (Izu Shaboten Park)


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Toku, 7 years old (Nagasaki Bio Park)


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Hikoma, 8 years old (Saitama Children’s Zoo)


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And last year’s winner, 5-year-old Sakura (Nasu Animal Kingdom)


Source: atpress

The winner of the race will receive delicious regional foods from the rest of the challenging capybaras. But regardless of who wins this summery competition, each capybara will go home happy with a tummy full of sweet watermelon.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.