Every summer in Japan, fans from all over Japan (and even the world) gather to attend the world's largest fan-made comic (doujinshi) fair, Comic Market, or Comiket as it is often called. Japan's largest comic convention boasts unique and limited edition goods that comic fans will literally sprint out of their homes for, as well as the thrill of attending such a big event and being surrounded by thousands of people who share your interests.


Source: YouTube

While Japan may be known for orderly and efficient managing of queues and crowds, that reputation is put to the test every year when the first train of the day arrives at Tokyo Kokusai Tenjijo Station during the Comiket rush. While it's nowhere near as dangerous, this stampeding herd of comic fans rushing for the pearly gates of Comiket is every bit as frenzied as a running of the bulls. While you might notice the surprising orderliness in this controlled chaos, extra station attendants have to be called on hand to oversee the flood gates of otaku. It's become a yearly tradition to film this, so here are two videos on Twitter that perfectly capture the comic-fueled madness.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.