Odaiba Bay is one of the most beautiful areas to visit in Tokyo, especially if you want to stay away from the buzz of the crowded city life. They have a Gundam the size of a building, the Edo Onsen hot springs, museums, shopping outlets, and a breathtaking island beach view where you chill on the shore.

The area is still as beautiful as always, but now, this scenic spot has attracted a lot of Pokemon pro trainers.



The definition of “Pro”, is not just to catch’ em all, but also to be the VERY BEST! And in Odaiba, there is one super-wanted rare Pokemon that comes out only zero to twice each day – Lapras.

This rarest ice type Pokemon generally beats nearly any type of Pokemon. Of course, there are some encounters like Electric, grass, or rock, but those of CP Levels and abilities are mostly not strongly scaled.

Lots of trainers hang out on the shoreside. They all want to be the very best.



A shadow of Lapras showing right down on the finding menu.



Holy sh...



Gotcha! Wild Lapras!!



If you ever want to upgrade your Pokemon trainer status, hop on the train and come to Odaiba. The place not only has the legendary Pokemon Lapras, but also has a mountain of variety of Pokemons to catch that normally does not appear in Tokyo city. Just be careful to prepare enough high catch rate Poke Balls, so you won’t be the silly guy throwing a normal monster ball at a Lapras.

Pokemon Center in Odaiba



By - grape Japan editorial staff.