Shugar Market is a plum wine and fruit liqueur tasting bar in Tokyo, where you can sip over 100 different types of drinks for just 3,000 yen (29.85 USD). Adding onto the already vast variety of drinks to choose from, the bar has recently come out with new dessert liqueurs that are deliciously described as drinkable Japanese desserts.


Source: Shugar

The saccharine Kuraya series offers liqueurs that taste like high quality, traditional Japanese desserts. They don’t actually use Japanese sweets as ingredients to the drinks, but their fragrant flavors and thick, rich textures will put you under the illusion that your tastebuds are enjoying a mouthful of tasty traditional desserts.

Made by historical sake breweries Moritami Shuzo Honke (Miyagi Prefecture) and Meiri Shurui (Ibaraki Prefecture), the Kuraya series guarantees excellent, professionally made liqueur to everyone eager to take a sip.


Source: Shugar

There are currently two flavors of the dessert liqueur — Kuraya Rice and Kuraya Anzu (Apricot).


Rich, thick, and fruity. Best served cold, straight, or on the rocks.


Source: Shugar

Anzu (Apricot)

Fruity and tart. Best served cold, straight, or on the rocks. Try drizzling it over vanilla ice cream for a different twist to your dessert.


Source: Shugar

You can get taste of these two new Japanese dessert liqueurs at Shugar Market stores in Shinjuku and Shibuya.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.