Toothpicks are dull little things, but even the small wooden sticks are getting a chance to shine in epic Darth Vader toothpick dispensers by Bandai.

Turning toothpicks into “toothsabers,” this Sith Lord figurine will quickly draw a toothpick for anyone who slides a button on his back. Although his cape can only fit 10 toothpicks, you can expect the force to be especially strong with these toothsabers.


Source: YouTube

Darth Vader will also come with a black lightsaber for display, if you’d rather him be an ornamental figurine than an extractor of wooden sticks. And with the amount of detail placed in his creation, he will definitely make for an excellent decorative item.

The Darth Vader ToothSaber is currently available on Amazon, but for a whopping 145 USD. Since it was originally sold for 2,980 yen (29.60 USD), it’s likely that it is no longer in production, and is now a rare novelty item. But if you love your toothpicks as much as you love Star Wars, this unique toothpick dispenser might just be worth the splurge.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.