Japanese commercials have a bit of a reputation for leaning towards the eccentric side of the spectrum to leave a lasting impact, and they definitely do that. So while you may normally think of Scotchgard 3M, a spray-on fabric protector, as a reliable but not too adventurous product, you can imagine that a Japanese commercial for the suit-saving spray would go have a little more fun showing off its capabilities.

That's why they've introduced the new character of "Daijobu Otoko" (大丈夫男), or "It's all right" Man. The commercial shows a variety of situations in which our bad-luck hero would normally have his suit (the most valued treasure of a Japanese salaryman) ruined, but thanks to the protective qualities of the spray, he always says "it's all right."

While the situations are obviously over the top, there is a cultural basis of truth here. The Japanese market has a lot of products aimed toward warding against unwanted smells and spills, as in Japanese work and sales culture, employees sometimes need to brave waves of cigarette smoke, yakiniku restaurants, and more.

What if your chef is a total jerk?

Or maybe you have clumsy neighbors.

Now you can be a shield for the girl of your dreams.

We tend to think more of fabric protectors as being used for upholstery, but in the ruthless and messy world of Japanese salarymen, maybe Scotchgard 3M actually has its natural market carved out.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.