Pokemon GO is designd to let players travel across the world to search for Pokemon no matter how far or wide. However, would you go this far?

Japan’s shrines or temples are often listed as Pokemon Gyms, also known as Pokemon battlefields. As for this particular shrine located in Ibaraki Prefecture, it could arguably be the toughest Gym to claim, not because it is guarded with elite Pokemon, it’s more because it asks you to take a risk on drowning or taking a really bad fall.

The Pokemon player @nao_halfway balked at the game's instruction to move closer to the gym.

Probably a wise choice, because although the gym is one of the most beautiful shrines in Japan, Oarai Isosaki Shrine, it probably isn't worth battling the violent waves on a rocky ledge. Although someone managed to claim the dangerous gym with an Exeggutor Pokemon.

Anyhow, we recommend anyone who wants to claim this historical gym should hold mind the tide.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.