Sailor Moon Bedding Lets You Dream Lovely Sailor Dreams

The most popular anime girl fighting for justice, Sailor Moon, is now gracing the cover of your bed sheets. Whether you are a fan or not, these comfy sheets will put you to sleep immediately. The lovely and dreamy design includes a lot of soft color toned moons and rabbits. Unlike other sleepless anime designs, this one particularly could set your mind to calm state.

The set is available from Premimum Brandai, and is called the Sailor Moon Usagi Futon Cover Set. The sheets are covered with rabbits (Usagi means rabbit, but is also Sailor Moon's "actual" name) and the iconic moon of justice to let you sleep under comfort and protection. The set sells at 7,020 yen, but unfortunately, the order can only be placed in Japan right through the Bandai website, although you'll have to wait for November for the item to ship.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.