Usually these "can you spot the real animal?" pictures aren't quite as convincing as they're made out to be, but the bunny hiding (napping) along with this basket of stuffed animals has such an adorable sleeping face that she fits right in. While it shouldn't take you all that long, Japanese Twitter user and cute bunny owner @tona__tona Tweeted out some closeups to help.

As you can see, the bunny, Tona-Kun, is sleeping front row and center. @tona__tona Twitter profile name is Tona-kun (actually a girl), because although @tona__tona was initially told that Tona-kun was a boy when they first met, a health checkup revealed that Tona-kun was actually a girl!

What the health checkup didn't show, however, was that Tona-kun has a habit of playing in @tona__tona's daughter's rooms and befriending stuffed animals. After a day of playing with these stuffed toys, Tona-kun needed a bunny-nap, and fortunately she had some cuddle buddies waiting for her.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.