Finding true love is difficult, anyone knows that. Of course, you could hit more bars or go out more to increase the chances, or possibly even use the dating apps like Tinder to cut to the chase, different solutions can be done. However in Japan, relationships with people are more sensitive and less open, if you somehow get to close in the beginning, your partner may run away, and in some worse cases, you possibly could end up being seen as a werido or pervert.

The deal breaker to get to know someone requires similar topic interest and a good place to meet. Since Japanese people are more passive, they sometimes go to “Gokon,” which is a specific dating event to find their soulmate. It's essentially speed-dating at a small group party, where people spend time getting to know one another. The experience is efficient and simple, but the lack of entertainment and being too formal often lead to low success match rate.

Fortunately, Pokemon came to save the lonely singles. A new style of dating event called “Pokemon Gokon” is trending in Tokyo and Osaka. It took off in Pokemon Go hot-spots such as Hibiya Park. Pokemon Gokon allows players to sign up via the LINE chat application, and then look for a partner while they look for Pokemon. And that extra person, could possibly be your forever love.

The Pokemon Gokon event is listed at 2,000 yen for men and 1,000 for women (Gokon often are discounted for women) with advance tickets, or 3,000 yen for men or 1,500 yen without a reservation. After hunting Pokemon together, there will also be a dinner event to get to know each other more, and the fee is included in the first payment.

The next Pokemon Gokon starts on August 31st in Hibiya Park, Tokyo. In Osaka, it starts on August 27th at the famous Odawara Castle. Later on Yoyogi Park, Ueno Park, Inokashira Park will be scheduled as well. For exact detail, here is their web info.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.