Japanese Shiba inu may be one of the most loyal dogs indeed, but how far would they go? What are their limits? Kocha’s owner planned to discover the truth by setting up a white board and made different level of height lengths in written. When the owner says “O-te!,” which means “hand please!” Kocha would have to follow up to shake his owner’s hand. Starting from the easy level bottom then all the way through the top at (0cm -35cm).

As for result, Kocha successfully cleared all the levels, even reached the highest 35 cm level. However, when the owner found out that it was a piece of cake for Kocha, he decided to contest his breaking limit. Kocha replied with a "I don't care" face and lied down on the floor. Good job Kocha! You passed the test, there is no point in you taking any guff from your human.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.