If you're fortunate enough to remember the golden days of playing through Super Mario Bros., then there's very little you can do to add to the nostalgia of those pure and simple times. Well, unless you add a cute wiggling hamster butt to the mix. You know, like this fluffy little hamster that cleared a pet-friendly diorama based off the game.


Source: YouTube

We've seen all sorts of inventive ways to clear Super Mario Bros. stages on the internet, such as blindfolded challenges and even super-speedy play-throughs. Japanese mother and Twitter user @yutako55 crafted the miniature (and admittedly shorter to make it hamster-friendly) version of the first level of the game for the hamster at the request of her daughter. It was definitely money well spent, as it's given us a chance to watch a hamster put on a Mario hat, and of course, this:


Source: YouTube

Here's the short, but sweet video in full, follow by the original Tweet.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.