You may remember the announcement of a wildly anticipated giant Snorlax pillow cushion that Pokemon fans have been dreaming of napping on comfortably. It was originally sold by Premium Bandai for reservation orders that would deliver in August. Now that that Japan's laziest season of Summer (you don't want to do anything in this humidity), the adorable but lethargic Pokemon is arriving at people's doorsteps, and fans are showing off his huge dimensions and lovable slumber on social media.

While we always knew that the Snorlax pillow (or Kabigon as he is known in Japan) was huge, clocking in at 150cm X 130cm dimensions, people now receiving their long-awaited Pokemon plushie-pillows are letting us know just how easy it is to set him up in your bed, or make one of your own out of his super comfortable belly.

It makes a great bed for all your other stuffed animals.

And of course comes in a big box that challenges Japanese doorways.

Because he's huge.

Guess you're stuck with the floor--or his belly!

Unfortunately, the ordering period for the huggable plushie that promises to lull you to sleep and mess up your daily schedule ended a while ago, and Premium Bandai currently has none in stock or available for a later shipment. Renewed interest on social media may encourage them to release another batch, however, there are some comparable pillows available to order on Amazon, such as this, this, and this!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.