The popular loyal Shiba Inu has short fur compared to most dogs. But short doesn’t mean less fur on its body. A twitter user @riechanpon took her dear Shiba Rie to the pet salon, which did a lot of shaving and cutting, and as a result formed a huge pile of fur on the table like it came from a totally different dog. But no! It’s her's...

The groomers sent her pictures showing off the surprising and cute transformation.

This picture shows Rie next to her shedded fur, as if to proudly say "oh yes, I did that!"

The transformation was so drastic that @riechanpon showed it off with weight-loss before and after pics.

And a sharper looking face.

Never knew Shiba could "hide" so much fur on their bodies. In fact, Shiba are known for their shedding, so going to a proper salon once or twice in a while seems common in Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.